1 Year


What is this? Why is my muffin on fire?

New. Exciting. Tiring. Different. Helpless. Lucky. Happy. Developing. Small. Strong. Interesting. Giving. Awesome. Hard. Annoying. Delightful. Sweet. Loving. Time-consuming. Smelly. Messy. Funny. Stressful. Heartbreaking. Heartwarming. Beautiful… We got some words now.

I cannot say whether I’m sad or happy that the year is over, I’m guessing a bit of both, but it’s certainly been a year like no other.

Happy birthday, my girl!

PS. Please grow up to be a decent person.


Science fact: Sometimes when two humans mate, an elf pops out.


That’s right, bitches, walking at 9 months.


But… But… But what about me??


Rock on, mom, rock on.


Stop. Taking. Photos. Dad.


Happy is happy.

3 thoughts on “1 Year

  1. Brilliant. I’ve seen you doing QA with that same look on your face as in that first picture. “Why is this document on fire?”

    Well done on getting through the hardest year.

    Just kidding. They’re all the hardest year.

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